1. Babymoves

This book is written for all parents and shows how babies ideally develop their movements.

The development of a child's brain mostly takes place during infancy and a baby's movements are vital for this.

Most movement patterns develop in the first nine months of your baby"s life and it is important to know what you as a parent can do to help with this in the best possible way.

This book also tells you what equipment you need for your baby and also what is better not to use.

Sold Out. New print expected mid-July 2014. If you want to be notified please email Marianne.
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2. Babymoves for the Child with Special Needs

This book is written with parents of disabled children in mind. It provides them with information about a type of physiotherapy and developmental approach, which I have experienced to be very effective in the treatment of children.

It explains why it is important and how it is possible, to follow the child’s natural development as described in ‘Babymoves’, for the child with physical challenges and/or other developmental problems, and how to prevent future problems for the baby at risk.

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